Terms and Conditions

Original hubcaps with guaranteed satisfaction . That is our policy.  These terms and conditions are as explained below and applicable when you buy used hubcaps from Hubcap Hilton.

We are located in Maine, so standard shipping to Eastern and most Middle parts of the United States is typically free for a set of hubcaps.  Shipping to Western parts of the United States costs the customer about 50% of freight cost on small orders.   And, freight is free on all orders over $75.   Typical customers hence will see free shipping.   Any shipping costs will be clear upon checkout.


If you are not happy with the product, you must arrange to return the total product within 30 days.  And, the return product must be back to our facility within 60 days.  Then you will get A FULL RETURN OF YOUR ORIGINAL PURCHASE PRICE PAID.   Please reuse the original shipping box and packing protection.   You should expect original hubcaps with guaranteed satisfaction .

WE DO NOT CHARGE ANY RETURN FEES, AS LONG AS the product is in its original quality when sent to you.   You may return the product for any reason.    We only require you advise us why you are returning the product.   That’s so we can hopefully learn how to improve our service in the future.

On a return situation both parties loose.   Hubcap Hilton incurs a net loss of its expense to ship the product to you at a bargain shipping amount.   And you, the Customer, will incur a net loss of your expense to ship the product back to us.   So, for the benefit of all, double check your present order details for a proper selection. 

Personal Information.  We do not share or distribute any personal data to others.  We use a secure payment service.  Our objective is to supply original hubcaps with guaranteed satisfaction including no violation on confidentiality.

Also see our FAQ page.