Johnny Cash Car

This article is about my unusual car which I call a Johnny Cash car .

This car was inspired by Johnny Cash’s famous song “One Piece at a Time”. As you walk around the basic 1967 Mercury Monterrey model, you see modifications one piece at a time.

right side view of Johnny Cash car

The Harley Davidson exhaust pipes on the right side are functional.

Harley pipes on Johney Cash car
3 door handles on Johnny Cash car

One extra door handle on right rear door.

And, note three headlights on one side and one headlight on other side.

headlight offset on Johnny Cash car
Mercedes Benz grill on Johnny Cash car

On front, of this Johnny Cash car, is a Mercedes Benz grill and symbol.

Hence, when looking at the front / left side view you need to note there is no rear door …. making the car a three door model.

front and left side view of Johnny Cash car
a rear fender fin view on Johnny Cash car

The left rear fender is a long Caddy fender with one attractive fin.

A fun car to have people to look at. It’s really fun to ask kids to find odd things about the “one piece at a time” car.

another view of Cady rear fender fin on Johnny Cash car

Proud owner is Brad Hubcap Hilton, who is retired and has a unique hobby of selling HUBCAPS. Hubcap Hilton is a web site selling used hubcaps for American cars. The site has thousands of hubcaps with over a thousand different hubcap designs.

And, the hubcaps, on the above Johnny Cash car, are 1967 Mercury Hubcaps available on this website. The home page is Hubcap Hilton.