HUBCAP # c15ford1972_5

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Featuring a 1974/89 Ford hubcap of 15 inch size.  Perimeter has 46 dark depressions, while center dome is smooth chrome.  Center symbol is chrome, with one line thru shield.  Stem hole is large.  Hollander interchange numbers are 957B/958B  {w/ a vert. line thru shield; w/ chrome emblem; w/ large valve stem hole}.   Hubcap # c15ford1972_5.

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back and front view of hubcap # c15ford1972_5HUBCAP # c15ford1972_5    This photo shows a 15 inch Ford hubcap made for 1974/89 trucks.

This 1974/89 Ford hubcap is basically for all Ford Pickup and Van models.  It is our hubcap # c15ford1972_5 ;  and it is a 15 inch Ford hubcap.  The above gallery images show the details of this attractive stainless steel design.

Following are design details.  The design has 46 black depressions about the outer perimeter.  The center area has both a large smooth chrome area and an emblem imprint at the very center.  The emblem imprint includes FORD MOTOR COMPANY written in a ring and a triangle shape shield with a vertical line thru it; all on a chrome background.

For this 1974/89 Ford hubcap, the weight is about 2 pounds each.  The wheel attachment method is a nice integral stainless steel multi-clip design.

Our supply inventory, for this 15 inch Ford hubcap for 1974/89 time frame, is presently very low.  However, the quality of this supply is good.

[ And many variations / options arise; so we list them all, including this design in the following inclusive list.

1st  alternate  hubcap # c15ford1972_3 w no line thru shield and has a center insert. (Great Quantity & Quality)

And designs w/ a line thru shield and no center insert and additionally have the following.

2cd   alternate  hubcap # c15ford1972_4 w/ black center and small stem hole.  (Good Quantity & Quality)

3rd   This Design hubcap # c15ford1972_5  w/ chrome center and large stem hole. (Low Quantity / Good Quality)

4th   alternate     hubcap # c15ford1972_6   w/ black center and a large stem hole.  (Good Quantity & Quality)

And, an option, for use of these 15″ hubcaps on 16wheels a trim ring must be used.  This trim ring is hubcap # r16ford1972_1 .]


If you find any of the above discussion a bit confusing, a great general article is under Hubcap Article.  And under this article, more specific discussions include the following.

1   For the word “Hubcap”, a history and a definition article   .    This covers an interesting discussion of how hubcaps started out as an all metal construction that later transitioned to partial metal and plastic and then all plastic.   The above 1974/89 Ford hubcap is an example of an all metal design.

2   Hubcap Identification Systems discussion.  This covers the classic Hollander Numbering system and the newer Hubcap Hilton Numbering system.     Hollander has many useful catalogs on cars  …  visit them at   .

3   And finally, Hubcap Features  ….  which covers several features.  This includes full size hubcap designs, wire wheel hubcap designs, various attachment (hubcap to wheel) designs, trim rings, and locking hardware.


Additional information

Weight2.8 lbs
Dimensions17 × 17 × 5 in


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