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Featuring a 1950/60 Buick hubcap of 15 inch size.   Outer chrome valley rim has many radial indents.  A red plastic emblem, with “BUICK” print, is centered in the tall and large central dome / hub.  This hub top and side walls are a nice metal chrome.  Hollander interchange reference number is “none”.  Hubcap # c15buic1957_1.

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profile view of hubcap # c15buic1957_1HUBCAP # c15buic1957_1       This is a 15 inch Buick hubcap for 1950/60 cars.

This 1950/60 Buick hubcap is reportedly first used on BUICK  model cars in about 1957.  It is a 15 inch Buick and is also our is hubcap # c15buic1957_1 .    It is a nice stainless steel design.

Design features include many radial indents on only the outer rim of the valley about the perimeter.  A smooth surface contour forms a large diameter raised dome or hub geometry.  And, then, the center hub top is slightly concave and all chrome.  In the center is a red plastic attachment with the word “BUICK” printed in a straight line.

For this 1950/60 Buick hubcap, the weight is 2.1 pounds each.  The wheel attachment method is a nice integral stainless steel multi-clip design.

The photo gallery provides you with a view of the quality of the design, and details of the appearance and dimensions.

Our supply quantity, of this 15 inch Buick hubcap for 1950/60 time frame, is very low.   However, the quality of this supply is the very best.

[ALTERNATIVE   A very similar 1950/60 Buick hubcap is hubcap # c15buic1957_2 .  And inventory is better for this 15 inch Buick hubcap alternative.]


If you find any of the above discussion a bit confusing, a great general article is under Hubcap Data.  And more specific discussions, in this article, include the following topics.

1   History and definition article on the word “Hubcap” .  The article covers an interesting discussion of how hubcaps started out as an all metal construction. That later transitioned to a partial metal and plastic designs.  And, then, an all plastic construction appeared.   The above product, the 1950/60 Buick hubcap, is an example of a mainly metal design, with a small plastic center.

2   Hubcap Identification Systems .  This article covers the classic Hollander Numbering system.  And the newer Hubcap Hilton Numbering system is also covered.  Hollander has many useful catalogs on cars  …  visit them at   .

3   Hubcap Features .  This article covers several full size designs, wire wheel designs, various attachment (hubcap to wheel) designs, trim rings, and locking hardware.

Additional information

Weight2.1 lbs
Dimensions17 × 17 × 6 in


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