HUBCAP # c15chry1977_2

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Featuring a nice 15 inch Dodge hubcap for 1977/81 time period.  The center symbol is a Diplomat shield.  Perimeter has 16 distinct divisions with several ribs in each division.  Hollander interchange number for this design is 393A.    Hubcap # c15chry1977_2.

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close up view of hubcap # c15chry1977_2HUBCAP # c15chry1977_2

This close up photo shows a 15 inch Dodge hubcap for 1977/81 cars.  It is for Diplomat model.  This is hubcap # c15chry1977_2 .

The above photos show the details of the design.  Design details include an outer ring of 16 slots and then a small circular center piece with a Diplomat shield emblem.

For this 1977/81 Dodge hubcap ,  weight is about 3 pounds each.  The wheel attachment method is an integral stainless steel clip design.

Nice high quality for this 15 inch Dodge hubcap for 1977/81 time period.  Inventory level is ok.

There are three versions of this basic design with center emblem variations, including this design.  They are as follows.

1st  THIS DESIGN, hubcap # c15chry1977_2  with a Diplomat shield emblem.

2cd   hubcap # c15chry1977_3  with a classic silver Chrysler “bird” symbol.

3rd   hubcap # c15chry1977_4   with an all black emblem.


If you find any of the above discussion a bit confusing, a great general article is under Hubcap Article.  And under this article, more specific discussions include the following.

1   For the word “Hubcap”, a history and a definition article   .    This covers an interesting discussion of how hubcaps started out as an all metal construction that later transitioned to partial metal and plastic and then all plastic.

2   Hubcap Identification Systems discussion.  This covers the classic Hollander Numbering system and the newer Hubcap Hilton Numbering system.

3   And finally, Hubcap Features  ….  which covers several features.  This includes full size hubcap designs, wire wheel hubcap designs, various attachment (hubcap to wheel) designs, trim rings, and locking hardware.


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Weight2.8 lbs
Dimensions17 × 17 × 5 in


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