HUBCAP # c14chev1979_3

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Featuring a 1978/80 Malibu hubcap of 14 inch size.  Perimeter has 32 triangular slots, next to 32 triangular indents, to form an attractive rim appearance.  Then the center is a large smooth chrome disk with a small center recessed sticker.  This red background sticker has a silver/gold Chevy bowtie symbol.  Hollander interchange number is 3095A.  Hubcap # c14chev1979_3 [red emblem].

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group close up of hubcap # c14chev1979_3HUBCAP # c14chev1979_3       This group close up view shows a 1978/80 Malibu hubcap, being a specific 14 inch Chevy hubcap.

Hence this is a basic 14 inch Chevy hubcap, used by both Malibu and Sprint models likely depending on the the center sticker displayed.  The illustrated red sticker with a silver/gold Chevy bowtie symbol was used  on this 1978/80 Malibu hubcap.  This product is our hubcap # c14chev1979_3.  To see further details, look at the above photo gallery.

You should note the following details on this all stainless steel design.  First, note the perimeter has 32 triangular slots.  Second, see how the center is a large smooth stainless steel area.  And third, note that the very center has a small recess, with a unique red background sticker and a classic silver/gold Chevy bowtie symbol.

For this 1978/80 Malibu hubcap, the weight is 1.7 pounds each.  And lastly, the wheel attachment method uses an integral stainless steel multi-clip system. This clip design means the back and front are stainless steel, so no rusting carbon steel exists, making for a clean design.

Repeating from above, this 14 inch Chevy hubcap has a very nice rugged and attractive original design.  And better yet our inventory is very plentiful and the supply is the best quality possible.  And this high inventory, of this 1978/80 Malibu hubcap ,  with a red background emblem,  means a low price for a great hubcap.

[ An alternate similar design, with only difference being a silver color background emblem, exists as hubcap # c14chev1979_4 .  And the inventory of this alternate is also great.]


If you find any of the above discussion a bit confusing, a great general article is under Hubcap Data.  And, more specific discussions, in this article, include the following topics.

1   History and definition article on the word “Hubcap” .  The article covers an interesting discussion of how hubcaps started out as an all metal construction.  For instance, the above product ( 1978/80 Malibu hubcap ; 14 inch Chevy hubcap ) is an all stainless steel metal construction.  Then, later, construction slowly transitioned to a partial metal and plastic designs.  And, then, an all plastic construction appeared.

2   Hubcap Identification Systems .  This article covers the classic Hollander Numbering system.  And the newer Hubcap Hilton Numbering system is also covered.  Hollander has many useful catalogs on cars  …  visit them at   .

3   Hubcap Features .  This article covers several full size hubcap designs and wire wheel designs.  Also covered are various detail attachment (hubcap to wheel) designs, trim rings, and locking hardware.




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Weight1.7 lbs
Dimensions16 × 16 × 4 in


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