HUBCAP # c13dodg1984_1

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This late 1980’s 13 inch Dodge hubcap fits many cars.  It was used on Dodge Aries, Chrysler Horizon, Dodge Omni, and Plymouth Reliant.  Hollander interchange  number is 442.  Hubcap # c13dodg1984_1.

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group picture of hubcap # c13dodg1984_1HUBCAP # c13dodg1984_1

This photo shows you a stack of the 13 inch Dodge hubcap in 1984 to 1989.  It was used on the Dodge Aries, Chrysler Horizon, Dodge Omni, and Plymouth Reliant models.

In the above photo gallery,  you will see the details of this hubcap # c13dodg1984_1.  These design details include an outer perimeter with 16 holes. And, notice the Chrysler “penta-star” symbol imprinted in the center; so an attractive looking design.

For this late 1980’s Dodge hubcap ,  the weight is about 2 pounds.  The wheel attachment method is a stainless steel clip design, so no rusting parts on the back side.   The basic original design is not very rugged, but our supply is great quality.  A nice 13 inch Dodge hubcap.

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Weight2.1 lbs
Dimensions14 × 14 × 3 in


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