Q1    Who is Hubcap Hilton?

A1    We are a retired couple (last name Hilton) who have converted a hubcap collection hobby into a business so we can pay our yearly real estate taxes.  The business is to sell original hubcaps for older cars over the web.


Q2    Did you find these hubcaps along the road?

A2    No.  Hubcaps along the road typically have an attachment failure and are not good quality.  Once we got serious about a web site approach, we bought out a junk yard and also several “roadside” businesses via buying about 5,000 hubcaps at a time.  Hence we basically collected original hubcaps for older cars .   We built a storage barn and started to do inventory ……. and cleaning …… and cleaning……  .


Q3     Are these hubcaps of good quality?

A3     Quality of a used product is very subjective!  We bought our original supplies in bulk quantity  —-  and basically had to take both the good and the bad.  But, because we were getting original hubcaps for older cars the basic original designs were of high quality.  Hence, those hubcaps still in good condition can be re-cycled.  And often the bad / damaged ones have reusable inserts that improve the other marginal hubcaps.  We have discarded many hubcaps (and others have used {re-cycled} some for alternative artistic uses …. see Q4/A4).  Good quality is a very “relative to what?” question.  These are “used” products and most are quite “old”.  We used the guide that our hubcaps are most likely better than the quality presently on our cars and your cars.  You should not be disappointed in the quality level. 


On a returned product   ……  both parties loose because they both pay out for non-productive shipping costs.  See our  “terms and conditions”.


Q4    I saw a clock made from a hubcap  …….  are there other uses, other than on automobile wheels and clocks?

A4    An interesting use of hubcaps is an art project our daughter { an art teacher } does every year with her students.  She takes 40 to 60 [rejected] hubcaps and has her students each do a painted project on the stainless surface  of a hubcap.  The student gets to keep their creation [after any gallery showing …..see photo].   Our daughter has used hundreds of the “poorer quality” hubcaps   …….   and all art teachers are welcome to this “rejected” pile ……  recycling is good.

wall of painted original hubcaps for older cars painted chevy hubcap from original hubcaps for older cars










Q5     Do you also sell rims and smaller caps?   And why don’t you have full caps for Foreign car makers?

A5     We  do have rim attachments and smaller caps and also Foreign car hubcaps  …….  but have not put these on the website yet for a few reasons.  One is lack of time.  And rims are very hard to identify.   With time we should get a few of these onto the website.  Regardless, our concentration will be original hubcaps for older cars .


Q6   Can I pick up my hubcaps at your store?

A6    Sorry  ….  we have no store and only sell over the web.  Being retiree’s, time is a precious thing and selling over the web allows us to work the hours convenient to our lifestyle.   But we are still responsive to our web customers who need original hubcaps for older cars .