There are two lists of Oldsmobile hubcap numbers provided below.  These lists are provided for shoppers who have decided not to use our normal “SHOP” page instructions.  For an explanation of the two hubcap numbering systems that exist, we refer you back to the article “Hubcap Identification Systems”.


The following first list of Oldsmobile Hubcap numbers has two components on each line.

The first component is the Oldsmobile Hollander Number.  And this list uses this Hollander Number to sort the numbers listed.  The second component is the Hubcap Hilton Number that collates with the Hollander Number.  By clicking on the Hubcap Hilton Number you will reach the product page for this hubcap (if we have any inventory).

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Hollander  //   Hubcap Hilton

4001              W14OLDS19671
4002              C14OLDS19672
4003              C14OLDS19673
4006              W14OLDS19681
4007              C14OLDS19682
4008              C14OLDS19683
4012              C15OLDS19691
4014              C14OLDS19693
4015              C14OLDS19694
4020              C14OLDS19703

4021              C14OLDS19705
4023              C15OLDS19716
4024A            C15OLDS19711
4025              C14OLDS19713
4027              C15OLDS19715
4028              C15OLDS19721
4029              C15OLDS19722
4031              C14OLDS19723
4034              W15OLDS19733
4036              W14OLDS19724
4038              C15OLDS19735
4039              C15OLDS19741
4041A            C15OLDS19744
4041B            C15OLDS19745
4043              C14OLDS19746
4044              C15OLDS19747

4045              C15OLDS19751  
4046              C15OLDS19752
4047              C15OLDS19753
4050              C15OLDS19755

4051              C15OLDS19771
4052              C15OLDS19772
4053              C15OLDS19773
4055A            C14OLDS19781
4055B            C14OLDS19782
4055C            C14OLDS19783
4057A            W14OLDS19791
4057B            W14OLDS19792
4060B            W15OLDS19785
4062B            W13OLDS19804
4064              C13OLDS19802
4070B            W15OLDS19806

4072              C15OLDS19805
4074              C15OLDS19806
4078              W15OLDS19813
4080A            C14OLDS19811
4080B            C14OLDS19812

4081A            W14OLDS19811
4083              W13OLDS19837
4086              C14OLDS19832 
4088              C13OLDS19825
4089A            W15OLDS19826
4089B            W15OLDS19827
4092              C14OLDS19831
4094A           W14OLDS19835
4094B           W14OLDS19836
4095B           W14OLDS19839
4096A           W14OLDS19841
4100              C13OLDS19858
4101             W13OLDS19851
4104A           W14OLDS19865
4104B           W14OLDS19866
4104D           W14OLDS19868
4106A           W14OLDS19871
4106B           W14OLDS19872
4106C           W14OLDS19873
4107              C13OLDS19881
4110              C14OLDS19891
4111              C14OLDS19892
4112              C14OLDS19921

4113              W15OLDS19911
4117              C14OLDS19931
4118              C14OLDS19941
4119B            C14OLDS19933
4127              C15OLDS19971

4994              W14OLDS19651 
4996              C14OLDS19653
4998              C14OLDS19662
4999              C14OLDS19663
NONE1-O      C15OLDS19581
NONE3-O      C15OLDS19541
NONE4-O      C15OLDS19551
NONE5-O      C15OLDS19501
NONE6-O      C14OLDS19641
NONE7-O      C14OLDS19631

NONE8-O      C14OLDS19642  



The following SECOND list of Oldsmobile hubcap numbers also has two components on each line.

In this list, the first component is the Oldsmobile Hubcap Hilton Number.  And this list uses this Hubcap Hilton Number to sort the numbers.  The second component is the Hollander Number that collates with the Hubcap Hilton Number.  By clicking on the Hubcap Hilton Number you will reach the product page for this hubcap (if we have any inventory).

[And, to return from clicking on a product page, you may need to use your “go back one page” arrow, vs using any breadcrumbs.]




C13OLDS19802             4064
C13OLDS19825             4088
C13OLDS19858             4100
C13OLDS19881             4107
C14OLDS19631             NONE7-O
C14OLDS19641             NONE6-O

C14OLDS19642             NONE8-O
C14OLDS19653             4996
C14OLDS19662             4998
C14OLDS19663             4999
C14OLDS19672             4002
C14OLDS19673             4003
C14OLDS19682             4007
C14OLDS19683             4008
C14OLDS19693             4014
C14OLDS19694             4015
C14OLDS19703             4020

C14OLDS19705             4021
C14OLDS19713             4025
C14OLDS19723             4031
C14OLDS19746             4043
C14OLDS19781             4055A
C14OLDS19782             4055B
C14OLDS19783             4055C
C14OLDS19811              4080A
C14OLDS19812             4080B
C14OLDS19831             4092
C14OLDS19832            4086
C14OLDS19891             4110
C14OLDS19892             4111
C14OLDS19921             4112
C14OLDS19931             4117
C14OLDS19941             4118
C15OLDS19501             NONE5-O
C15OLDS19541             NONE3-O
C15OLDS19551             NONE4-O
C15OLDS19581             NONE1-O
C15OLDS19691             4012
C15OLDS19711             4024A
C15OLDS19715             4027
C15OLDS19716             4023
C15OLDS19721             4028
C15OLDS19722             4029
C15OLDS19735             4038
C15OLDS19741             4039
C15OLDS19744             4041A
C15OLDS19745             4041B
C15OLDS19747             4044

C15OLDS19751             4045
C15OLDS19752             4046
C15OLDS19753             4047
C15OLDS19755             4050

C15OLDS19771             4051
C15OLDS19772             4052
C15OLDS19773             4053

C15OLDS19805             4072
C15OLDS19806             4074
C15OLDS19971             4127
W13OLDS19804           4062B
W13OLDS19837           4083
W13OLDS19851           4101

W14OLDS19651           4994
W14OLDS19671           4001
W14OLDS19681           4006
W14OLDS19724           4036
W14OLDS19791           4057A
W14OLDS19792           4057B

W14OLDS19811            4081A
W14OLDS19835           4094A
W14OLDS19836           4094B
W14OLDS19839           4095B
W14OLDS19841           4096A
W14OLDS19865           4104A
W14OLDS19866           4104B
W14OLDS19868           4104D
W14OLDS19871           4106A
W14OLDS19872           4106B
W14OLDS19873           4106C
W15OLDS19733           4034

W15OLDS19771            NONE9-O
W15OLDS19784           4060A
W15OLDS19785           4060B
W15OLDS19795           4065
W15OLDS19806           4070B
W15OLDS19813           4078
W15OLDS19826           4089A
W15OLDS19827           4089B

W15OLDS19911            4113