Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge Hubcaps

Chrysler Plymouth Dodge Hubcap IDENTIFICATION NUMBERS

There are two lists of Chrysler Plymouth Dodge hubcap numbers provided below.  These lists are provided for shoppers who have decided not to use our normal “SHOP” page instructions.  For an explanation of the two hubcap numbering systems that exist, we refer you back to the article “Hubcap Identification Systems”. 


The following first list of Chrysler Plymouth Dodge hubcap numbers has two components on each line.

The first component is the Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge Hollander Number.  And this list is uses this Hollander Number to sort the numbers.  The second component is the Hubcap Hilton Number that collates with the Hollander Number.  By clicking on the Hubcap Hilton Number you will reach the product page for this hubcap (if we have any inventory).

[And, to return from clicking on a product page, you may need to use your “go back one page” arrow, vs using any breadcrumbs.]



Hollander  //  Hubcap Hilton

303A               C14CHRY19672
303B               C14CHRY19676
304                 C15CHRY19682
310A               C14DODG19675
310B               C14DODG19676
312                 C13DODG19672
313A               C14DODG19673
313B               C14DODG19674
314                 C14PLYM19661
317                 C13PLYM19662
320                 C14PLYM19673
323                 C14CHRY19681
324A               C14CHRY19682
324B               C14CHRY19683
326                 C14DODG19683
327                 C14DODG19682
328                 C14DODG19681
329                 C14PLYM19684
331A              W14PLYM19685
331B              W14PLYM19686
332                 C14PLYM19681
333                 C13PLYM19682
336                 C15CHRY19693
337                 C15CHRY19694
338A              C15CHRY19695
340                 C13DODG19693
341                 C15DODG19692
342A              C15DODG19694
342B              C15DODG19695
343A              C14PLYM19697
343B              C14PLYM19698
346                C15PLYM19694
351                C15CHRY19704
354A              C14DODG19702
354B              C14DODG19703
355A              C14DODG19704
355B              C14DODG19705
357A              C14PLYM19701
357B              C14PLYM19702
359                C14PLYM19707
360                C15CHRY19711
362                C15CHRY19713
363                W15CHRY19715
364                C14PLYM19711
367                C15CHRY19722
369                C15DODG19728
370A              C14DODG19725
370B              C14DODG19726
371                W14CHRY19716
372                C15PLYM19721
373                C14PLYM19722
374                C15DODG19731
375                C14PLYM19732
376                C14PLYM19733
377                C15CHRY19746
378                C15CHRY19723
379                C15CHRY19741
380                C15CHRY19742
382                C15CHRY19745
383                C15PLYM19751
384                C15CHRY19753
386                C14CHRY19756
387                C14CHRY19767
388A             C14CHRY19757
388B             C14CHRY19758
388C             C14CHRY19759
389               C14CHRY19768
390               C14CHRY19761
393A             C15CHRY19772
393B             C15CHRY19773
393C             C15CHRY19774
395               C14CHRY19769
397E             C15CHRY19787
397F             C15CHRY19789
401A             C15CHRY19797
401B             C15CHRY19798
401C             C15CHRY19799
401D             R16CHRY19796
403A             C15CHRY19776
403B             C15CHRY19777
408A             C13DODG19796
408B             C13DODG19797
411                C15CHRY19802
414A             C15CHRY19803
421B             C15CHRY19816
425               C15CHRY19809
428A             C13CHRY19815
429A             C15CHRY19813
433A             W15CHRY19798
433D             W15CHRY19799
434A             W14CHRY19828
434B             W14CHRY19872
436               C13DODG19823
438A             C14CHRY19821
438B             C14CHRY19822
439A            C14CHRY19824
440               C13DODG19831
441               C13DODG19832
442               C13DODG19841
443               C14CHRY19842
444               C14DODG19843
447               C13DODG19851
448B            C14CHRY19853
449               C14DODG19854
450               C14CHRY19851
454               C15CHRY19871
457               C14CHRY19862
463               C14CHRY19885
464A            C14CHRY19886

464B            C14CHRY19881

465A            C14CHRY19887
465B            C14CHRY19888
466               C14CHRY19889
467               C14CHRY19891
468               C14CHRY19892
469A            C14CHRY19893
469B            C14CHRY19894

470A            W14CHRY19895
470C            W14CHRY19897
472               C14PLYM19901
473A1          W14CHRY19904
473A2          W14CHRY19905
473B1          W14CHRY19906
473B2          W14CHRY19907
474               C14CHRY19904
475A            C14PLYM19908
476               C16CHRY19901
478A            C14PLYM19911
478B            C14PLYM19912
479A            C15PLYM19913
479B            C15PLYM19914
480               C14DODG19916
481               C14DODG19917
482               C15DODG19918
484A            C14CHRY19922
486B            W15CHRY19912
488               C14CHRY19931
489A            C15CHRY19927
490B            C15DODG19933
493               C14CHRY19941
494               C14DODG19942
495               C15CHRY19943
496B            C14CHRY19945
499               C16CHRY19947
500A            C15CHRY19951
502               C14CHRY19957
504               C14CHRY19958
509               C15CHRY19963
510               C14CHRY19965
511               C15CHRY19966
519               C14CHRY19977
520A            C14CHRY19978
521A            C14CHRY19974
529               C16CHRY19988
533               C14CHRY19964
543               C14CHRY20003
544               C15CHRY20004
563               C14CHRY19646
565               C13CHRY19648
566A            C14CHRY19631
566B            C14CHRY19632
568               C14CHRY19652
569               C14DODG19659
571               C14CHRY19655
572               C14CHRY19656
573               C14CHRY19657
574               C14CHRY19658
575               C13CHRY19659
580               C14CHRY19662
582               C14CHRY19665
584               C13CHRY19661
585A            C14DODG19668
585B            C14DODG19669
586               C14DODG19667
588               C14PLYM19664
589               C14PLYM19665
590               C14PLYM19669
594               C14DODG19641
597               C15CHRY19685
548               C15CHRY20014

8006            W14CHRY19901
NONE1Y      C14PLYM19621
NONE2Y      C14PLYM19622
NONE3Y      C14DODG19581
NONE4Y      C14PLYM19631
NONE5Y      C14CHRY19645
NONE6Y      C14DODG19642
NONE7Y      C14PLYM19611
NONE8Y      C14PLYM19612
NONE9Y      C14PLYM19622




The following SECOND list of Chrysler Plymouth Dodge hubcap numbers also has two components on each line.

In this list, the first component is the Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge Hubcap Hilton Number.  And this list uses this Hubcap Hilton Number to sort the numbers.  The second component is the Hollander Number that collates with the Hubcap Hilton Number.  By clicking on the Hubcap Hilton Number you will reach the product page for this hubcap (if we have any inventory).

[And, to return from clicking on a product page, you may need to use your “go back one page” arrow, vs using any breadcrumbs.]



C13CHRY19648              565
C13CHRY19659              575
C13CHRY19661              584
C13CHRY19815              428A
C13DODG19672             312
C13DODG19693             340
C13DODG19796             408A
C13DODG19823             436
C13DODG19831             440
C13DODG19832             441
C13DODG19841             442
C13DODG19851             447
C13PLYM19662              317
C13PLYM19682              333
C14CHRY19631              566A
C14CHRY19632              566B
C14CHRY19645              NONE5Y
C14CHRY19646              563
C14CHRY19652              568
C14CHRY19655              571
C14CHRY19656              572
C14CHRY19657              573
C14CHRY19658              574
C14CHRY19662              580
C14CHRY19665              582
C14CHRY19672              303A
C14CHRY19676              303B
C14CHRY19681              323
C14CHRY19682              324A
C14CHRY19683              324B
C14CHRY19756              386
C14CHRY19757              388A
C14CHRY19758              388B
C14CHRY19759              388C
C14CHRY19761              390
C14CHRY19767              387
C14CHRY19768              389
C14CHRY19769              395
C14CHRY19821              438A
C14CHRY19822              438B
C14CHRY19824              439A
C14CHRY19842              443
C14CHRY19851              450
C14CHRY19853              448B
C14CHRY19862              457
C14CHRY19881              486B
C14CHRY19885              463
C14CHRY19886              464A
C14CHRY19887              465A
C14CHRY19888              465B
C14CHRY19889              466
C14CHRY19891              467
C14CHRY19892              468
C14CHRY19893              469A
C14CHRY19894              469B
C14CHRY19904              474
C14CHRY19922              484A
C14CHRY19931              488
C14CHRY19941              493
C14CHRY19945              496B
C14CHRY19957              502
C14CHRY19958              504
C14CHRY19964              533
C14CHRY19965              510
C14CHRY19974              521A
C14CHRY19977              519
C14CHRY19978              520A
C14CHRY20003              543
C14DODG19581             NONE3Y
C14DODG19641             594
C14DODG19642             NONE6Y
C14DODG19659             569
C14DODG19667             586
C14DODG19668             585A
C14DODG19669             585B
C14DODG19673             313A
C14DODG19674             313B
C14DODG19675             310A
C14DODG19676             310B
C14DODG19681             328
C14DODG19682             327
C14DODG19683             326
C14DODG19702             354A
C14DODG19703             354B
C14DODG19704             355A
C14DODG19705             355B
C14DODG19725             370A
C14DODG19726             370B
C14DODG19843             444
C14DODG19854             449
C14DODG19916             480
C14DODG19917             481
C14DODG19942             494
C14PLYM19611              NONE7Y
C14PLYM19612              NONE8Y
C14PLYM19621              NONE1Y
C14PLYM19622              NONE2Y
C14PLYM19622              NONE9Y
C14PLYM19631              NONE4Y
C14PLYM19661              314
C14PLYM19664              588
C14PLYM19665              589
C14PLYM19669              590
C14PLYM19673              320
C14PLYM19681              332
C14PLYM19697              343A
C14PLYM19698              343B
C14PLYM19701              357A
C14PLYM19702              357B
C14PLYM19707              359
C14PLYM19711              364
C14PLYM19722              373
C14PLYM19732              375
C14PLYM19733              376
C14PLYM19901              472
C14PLYM19908              475A
C14PLYM19909              475B
C14PLYM19911              478A
C14PLYM19912              478B
C15CHRY19682              304
C15CHRY19685              597
C15CHRY19693              336
C15CHRY19694              337
C15CHRY19695              338A
C15CHRY19704              351
C15CHRY19713              362
C15CHRY19722              367
C15CHRY19723              378
C15CHRY19741              379
C15CHRY19742              380
C15CHRY19745              382
C15CHRY19746              377
C15CHRY19753              384
C15CHRY19772              393A
C15CHRY19773              393B
C15CHRY19774              393C
C15CHRY19776              403A
C15CHRY19777              403B
C15CHRY19787              397E
C15CHRY19788              397C
C15CHRY19789              397F
C15CHRY19797              401A
C15CHRY19798              401B
C15CHRY19799              401C
C15CHRY19802              411
C15CHRY19803              414A
C15CHRY19809              425
C15CHRY19813              429A
C15CHRY19816              421B
C15CHRY19871              454
C15CHRY19927              489A
C15CHRY19943              495
C15CHRY19951              500A
C15CHRY19963              509
C15CHRY19966              511
C15CHRY20004              544
C15CHRY20014              548
C15DODG19692             341
C15DODG19694             342A
C15DODG19695             342B
C15DODG19728             369
C15DODG19731             374
C15DODG19918             482
C15DODG19933             490B
C15PLYM19694               346
C15PLYM19721               372
C15PLYM19751               383
C15PLYM19913               479A
C15PLYM19914               479B
C16CHRY19901               476
C16CHRY19947               499
C16CHRY19988               529
R16CHRY19796               401D
W14CHRY19716              371
W14CHRY19828              434A
W14CHRY19895              470A
W14CHRY19897              470C
W14CHRY19904              473A1
W14CHRY19905              473A2
W14CHRY19906              473B1
W14CHRY19907              473B2
W14PLYM19685              331A
W14PLYM19686              331B
W15CHRY19715              363
W15CHRY19798              433A
W15CHRY19799              433D
W15CHRY19912              486B