There are two lists of Buick hubcap numbers provided below.  These lists are provided for shoppers who have decided not to use our normal “SHOP” page instructions.  For an explanation of the two hubcap numbering systems that exist, we refer you back to the article “Hubcap Identification Systems”. 


The following first list of Buick hubcap numbers has two components on each line.

The first component is the Buick Hollander Hubcap Number.  And this  first list uses this Hollander Hubcap Number to sort the numbers.  The second component is the Hubcap Hilton Number that collates with the Hollander Hubcap Number.

By clicking on the Hubcap Hilton Number you will reach the product page for this hubcap (if we have any inventory).

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Hollander  //  Hubcap Hilton

1003    C15BUIC19669
1004    C15BUIC19671
1006    C15BUIC19673
1010    W14BUIC19661
1011    C14BUIC19677
1012    C14BUIC19678
1014    C15BUIC19681

1015    C15BUIC19682
1018    C14BUIC19685

1020    C14BUIC19687
1021A  C15BUIC19691
1021B  C15BUIC19692
1024A  C15BUIC19696
1024B  C15BUIC19697
1025    C15BUIC19693
1028    C14BUIC19699
1034    C14BUIC19706
1038    C15BUIC19714
1042    C15BUIC19719
1048    C15BUIC19715
1051A  C14BUIC19737
1051B  C14BUIC19738
1054    C14BUIC19741
1056    W15BUIC19734
1057A  C15BUIC19743
1057B  C15BUIC19744
1058    C15BUIC19762
1060    C15BUIC19752
1061    C15BUIC19753
1063A   C13BUIC19755
1064    C14BUIC19739
1065     C15BUIC19763

1066     C15BUIC19772
1067B   C15BUIC19774
1069     W15BUIC19776

1073A   C15BUIC19777

1073B   C15BUIC19778

1073C   C15BUIC19779
1074A   W15BUIC19782
1074B   W15BUIC19783
1076      C15BUIC19766
1081      C14BUIC19786
1082      C14BUIC19787
1083A    C14BUIC19788

1083B    C14BUIC19789
1084A   W14BUIC19792
1084B   W14BUIC19793
1085     W15BUIC19794
1089A   C13BUIC19798

1089B   C13BUIC19799
1094     C15BUIC19801
1096     C15BUIC19803
1097     C15BUIC19804
1102     C14BUIC19812
1104     W14BUIC19824
1105     C13BUIC19825
1106     C14BUIC19826
1107     W13BUIC19821
1108     C13BUIC19828
1109A   C13BUIC19814
1109B   C13BUIC19815
1109C   C13BUIC19816
1110A   C14BUIC19831
1110B   C14BUIC19832
1111A   W14BUIC19861
1111C   W14BUIC19901
1115     C13BUIC19853
1116     C14BUIC19856
1117     C14BUIC19901
1118A   W14BUIC19862
1118B   W14BUIC19902
1120     W13BUIC19865
1121     C13BUIC19868
1124     C13BUIC19854
1126A   C13BUIC19871
1127     W14BUIC19881
1128     C14BUIC19882
1136A    C14BUIC19923
1136B    C14BUIC19924

1137      C15BUIC19921
1139      W15BUIC19931
1140A    C14BUIC19934
1140B    C14BUIC19935
1140C    C14BUIC19936
1143      C14BUIC19937
1144      C15BUIC19951
1145      C14BUIC19961

1148      C15BUIC19971
1153C    C15BUIC20003
1988      C15BUIC19655
1989      C14BUIC19656
1990      C14BUIC19657

1993      C15BUIC19663
1994      C15BUIC19662
1995      C15BUIC19664
1996      C14BUIC19668
NONE01B  C15BUIC19641
NONE10B  C15BUIC19531
NONE11B  C15BUIC19611
NONE12B  C15BUIC19612
NONE13B  C15BUIC19491
NONE14B  C15BUIC19601
NONE15B  C15BUIC19602
NONE16B  C15BUIC19623
NONE17B  C13BUIC19631
NONE18B  C15BUIC19571
NONE19B  C15BUIC19572
NONE02B  C15BUIC19642
NONE20B  C15BUIC19566
NONE21B  C15BUIC19591

NONE23B  C15BUIC19541

NONE24B  C15BUIC19493

NONE25B  C15BUIC19593

NONE26B  C15BUIC19674
NONE03B  C15BUIC19621
NONE04B  C15BUIC19631
NONE05B  C15BUIC19632
NONE06B  C15BUIC19622
NONE07B  C14BUIC19643
NONE08B  C14BUIC19644
NONE09B  C14BUIC19645


The following SECOND list of Buick hubcap numbers also has two components on each line.

In this list, the first component is the Buick Hubcap Hilton Number.  And this list uses this Hubcap Hilton Number to sort the numbers.  The second component is the Hollander Hubcap Number that collates with the Hubcap Hilton Number.

By clicking on the Hubcap Hilton Number you will reach the product page for this hubcap (if we have any inventory).

[And, to return from clicking on a product page, you may need to use your “go back one page” arrow, vs using any breadcrumbs.]



C13BUIC19631       NONE17B
C13BUIC19755       1063A
C13BUIC19798       1089A

C13BUIC19799       1089B
C13BUIC19814       1109A
C13BUIC19815       1109B
C13BUIC19816       1109C
C13BUIC19825       1105
C13BUIC19828       1108
C13BUIC19853       1115
C13BUIC19854       1124
C13BUIC19868       1121
C13BUIC19871       1126A
C14BUIC19643       NONE07B
C14BUIC19644       NONE08B
C14BUIC19645       NONE09B
C14BUIC19656      1989
C14BUIC19657      1990
C14BUIC19668      1996
C14BUIC19677      1011
C14BUIC19678      1012
C14BUIC19685      1018

C14BUIC19687      1020
C14BUIC19699      1028
C14BUIC19706      1034
C14BUIC19737      1051A
C14BUIC19738      1051B
C14BUIC19739      1064
C14BUIC19741      1054
C14BUIC19742      1997
C14BUIC19786      1081
C14BUIC19787      1082
C14BUIC19788      1083A

C14BUIC19789      1083B
C14BUIC19812      1102
C14BUIC19826      1106
C14BUIC19831      1110A
C14BUIC19832      1110B
C14BUIC19856      1116
C14BUIC19882      1128
C14BUIC19901      1117
C14BUIC19923      1136A
C14BUIC19924      1136B
C14BUIC19934      1140A
C14BUIC19935      1140B
C14BUIC19936      1140C
C14BUIC19937      1143
C14BUIC19961      1145
C15BUIC19491      NONE13B

C15BUIC19493     NONE24B
C15BUIC19531      NONE10B

C15BUIC19541      NONE23B
C15BUIC19566      NONE20B
C15BUIC19571      NONE18B
C15BUIC19572      NONE19B
C15BUIC19591      NONE21B

C15BUIC19593      NONE25B
C15BUIC19601      NONE14B
C15BUIC19602      NONE15B
C15BUIC19611      NONE11B
C15BUIC19612      NONE12B
C15BUIC19621      NONE03B
C15BUIC19622      NONE06B
C15BUIC19623      NONE16B
C15BUIC19631      NONE04B
C15BUIC19632      NONE05B
C15BUIC19641      NONE01B
C15BUIC19642      NONE02B
C15BUIC19655      1988
C15BUIC19662      1994

C15BUIC19663      1993
C15BUIC19664      1995
C15BUIC19669      1003
C15BUIC19671      1004
C15BUIC19673      1006

C15BUIC19674      NONE26B
C15BUIC19681      1014

C15BUIC19682      1015

C15BUIC19691      1021A
C15BUIC19692      1021B
C15BUIC19693      1025
C15BUIC19696      1024A
C15BUIC19697      1024B
C15BUIC19714      1038
C15BUIC19715      1048
C15BUIC19719      1042
C15BUIC19743      1057A
C15BUIC19744      1057B
C15BUIC19752      1060
C15BUIC19753      1061
C15BUIC19762      1058
C15BUIC19763      1065
C15BUIC19766      1076

C15BUIC19772      1066
C15BUIC19774      1067B
C15BUIC19777      1073A

C15BUIC19778      1073B

C15BUIC19779      1073C
C15BUIC19801      1094
C15BUIC19803      1096
C15BUIC19804      1097

C15BUIC19921      1137
C15BUIC19951      1144

C15BUIC19971       1148
C15BUIC20003      1153C
W13BUIC19821     1107
W13BUIC19865     1120
W14BUIC19661     1010
W14BUIC19792     1084A
W14BUIC19793     1084B
W14BUIC19824     1104
W14BUIC19861     1111A
W14BUIC19862     1118A
W14BUIC19881     1127
W14BUIC19901     1111C
W14BUIC19902     1118B
W15BUIC19734     1056
W15BUIC19776     1069
W15BUIC19782     1074A
W15BUIC19783     1074B
W15BUIC19794     1085
W15BUIC19931     1139